I plan to paint with a foam roller (I know spraying is preferred, but my schedule doesn't allow me to rent a sprayer without having to return it immediately after without fear of keeping it for the next three weeks) and sand using my B&D Mouse, using the Sherwin Williams ProBlock and Sherwin Willians Emerald Urethane (when the 40% off rolls around again). My phone's auto correct is horrible. Answer: I actually started using a 208 tip. Two coats of primer and two coats of paint enhances the gloss. Is there anything else I should consider to try to make the best of the hours I'll be putting in to this? I clean, sand, caulk, spray two prime coats, using BIN shellac primer, sanding between coats. You could prime over it too, but if the primer on there now hasn't bonded good to the surface you risk issues later. Question: What base color did you use for Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel? I wrapped the painted doors in moving blankets and delivered them to my customer without any issues. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 09, 2020: I would recommend Emerald urethane enamel over Super Paint. I'll sand between coats of paint. I will be painting my kitchen cabinets with Emerald using a Wagner pro 130 airless sprayer. If so with what grit sand paper is best? I usually use 220 grit. Matt G. (author) from United States on May 24, 2019: Did the painter use latex or oil primer? As one of Sherwin-Williams’ newest formulations, the Emerald line of water-based paints is described as “a finish that withstands wear and tear and goes on in fewer coats.” Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel comes highly recommended from professionals for painting kitchen cabinets, but they warn that using the wrong brushes and rollers or poor technique yields subpar results with spotty coverage and brush marks. What can I do to stop the spitting? The paint takes a day or two to harden. Is there a difference in the way they clean once finished? Matt is a professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge, house-painting tips, and product reviews. The quick-drying paint hardens into a washable, durable coating, emits low levels of VOCs and cleans-up with soap and water. The Sought-After Sage PHOTOGRAPHY BY TERI LYN FISHER OF SPOON FORK BACON Try: Cooking Apple Green by Farrow & Ball Teri Lyn Fisher of Spoon Fork Bacon mixed not two or three but 17 samples to find the right balance of mint and sage for her breezy space.She had a big-box paint supplier color-match her experiment, but you could cut corners by going with a similar hue, like Farrow … Answer: Yes. I have Proclassic doing well at 10 yr plus. This primer has been on for more than 24 hours and is not budging with 100 or 120 grit sandpaper .. Is there a trick? Resists yellowing compared to traditional oil based paints and has excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish. Recent project kitchen cabinet painting in Wentzville, MO. The person at Lowes tinting it messed up the first batch and had to tint a new can. The odor lingers for a while, probably due to the alkyd modification. Sherwin-Williams ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd paint. It's also excellent for spraying. What type of airless sprayer did you use with Emeralds urethane paint? Pick a paint with a higher sheen or gloss. Let the paint dry overnight and it will sand smoother without leaving an indentation in the paint. If it's hot and humid, or too cold, this matters. Another consideration is the primer that was used. Strip the failing cabinet paint and primer down to the bare wood and start over. Answer: On raw doors, I would have primed with BIN, or oil primer. Lacquers have the best turnover time, but even an alkyd (oil-based) paint is still going to take at least 2 weeks to cure (final hardness,) that includes Emerald Urethane Enamel. You probably wouldn't like it if you don't want the extra sheen on your cabinets. Sand off the primer and paint and start over with either no tint in the primer, or no more than 2 ounces of colorant per the specs. Emerald urethane is thick enamel and the small pump in your X5 has to work harder to atomize it without the tailing. I am trying to decide from this website: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/produc... Answer: I used the color Snowbound from Sherwin Williams. Answer: I use Emerald urethane trim enamel. Matt G. (author) from United States on June 17, 2020: If the paint on your cabinets is in good condition with no signs of corrosion or peeling you can scuff sand and apply the new coating, but I would lean more towards applying a latex bonding primer first to ensure a solid bond. You want to spray just enough enamel so it's evenly coated. After – Sherwin Williams’ Pure White and Cityscape. This man charges $100 per cabinet door and drawer. video tutorials demonstrating preparation and application techniques. No need to top coat the paint with a clear coat. This product is great for doors, cabinets, and trim. The semi-gloss finish is very smooth, perfect for washing. Stay safe and healthy. Answer: Sanding and priming the factory painted cabinets with oil primer before applying the new paint should be fine, but it's a good idea to contact the manufacturer too to check compatibility between products. Convert wood cabinet doors to glass in two hours! The colorant impacts the dry time and the durability. It might look too light at first when you spray in quick passes, but the enamel lays out after a few minutes and looks thicker than when you put it on. This is in my home schoolroom and the shelves will be used heavily. This is why you were getting the uneven spray pattern. I used a Muralo latex product when I last painted them 12 years ago. ... What I recommend for cabinets is Emerald Urethane semi-gloss (modified acrylic paint), over Pro Classic acrylic, for increased durability. You don't need to reduce Emerald urethane with an airless. The entire back face was supported on a slightly textured floor for 20-30 minutes. This water-based enamel resists yellowing compared to traditional oil based coatings and creates a hard durable finish that withstands the wear and tear of frequently cleaned and used areas. I just wish I found it earlier as I already painted the first coat on some of my cabinet doors. You can try thinning it, or use a different sprayer. Could I use poly on top if I feel like it needs it? Having worked with this product many times, I suspect the paint rubbing off like that is more than likely a result of exposing the fresh paint to water, or the wrong primer was used. Question: You sprayed the cabinet doors laying flat. Scraping the primer resulted in “primer” dust. The water base makes it dry fast, the alkyd base makes it level out, and the Urethane base makes it dry harder. You didn't mention if the color was white, or a darker color. Plan to spend $40-$80 per gallon for something that is high quality and will last. Homeowners \ ... Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. I'm glad you found the information helpful for your project. Matt G. (author) from United States on June 21, 2020: I believe the aerosol version performs the same as far as sealing and priming, but I can't confirm this one hundred percent. We have a total of 37 cabinet doors and drawers. I thinned the paint 15%. Dry time means you can recoat or handle it. The re-coat time is four hours, but this all depends on the air temperature. First, I assembled the base and wall cabinets. On Lowes.com, you can shop colors by collection or type, so if you’re specifically looking for a shade of green or a particular paint like HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paint or HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams Ceiling Paint, we can help. Matt G. (author) from United States on January 11, 2020: Did you prime first, and if so, did you use latex or oil primer? Answer: Latex primer doesn't seal wood to prevent bleed-through and it doesn't bond well to wooden cabinets. Pro Classic acrylic enamel is easier to spray. Here’s how! I have metal cabinets from the 50s-60s. Does thinning this paint make it less durable? However because of high VOCs, they are mostly used in shops with ventilated spray booths. As you've learned, latex primer doesn't seal over tough stains and tannin. Question: I have a small drawer front that needed to be remade using hard maple, is there a primer in a spray can that you have success with? Regular joint compound, or Aqua Coat, work great and sand easy. Advance gives you a choice of finishes, including matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. The paint levels, but holds in place without sagging, which I really like. If you add too much extender or water, the sheen dulls. You can also attach door stoppers to the inside of the doors so the fresh paint doesn't stick together when the doors are closed. Is the smell super strong and overpowering? Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. Emerald urethane is a little tricky to spray. I recently used Emerald urethane to spray paint oak cabinets and I was very satisfied with the results. Your painter should use BIN shellac primer, or oil-based primer. I am just sick over it. Matt G, I am thinking of using this paint for my cupboards, but like you, I have heard mixed reviews about the satin sheen. If I see something stuck in the paint (dust, crumbs etc.) Matt G. (author) from United States on August 22, 2020: I've never sprayed with the handheld sprayer you used, but those sprayers have very small pumps. You didn't mention the color, but that also plays a role in dry time. Is it OK to use the aerosol version of the BIN shellac? We recommend Sherwin William Emerald Urethane Satin for a water-based finish. Project Source cabinets from Lowe’s. I set a small ceramic heater at 85 degrees with a oscillating fan in hopes that will help harden the paint a bit faster. We had to sand like crazy but the detailed trim looks bad still bad is gummy. The enamel dries harder. It sprays fine through my sprayer with no thinning. Although we did a good job cleaning the cabs, there are always going to be small areas with gunk that will bleed through, and the water based primer was terrible in this regard. They are still in good condition and I'm painting them. I've used Snowbound a lot. It works great on multiple surfaces, including laminate. The enamel is thick. You can seal the cabinets if you want just make sure the two products are compatible. Discover ideas about Paint For Kitchen Cabinets. What tip size did you find works best for you spraying this paint? I had the gun set to a 7. Again painting white and don’t want it to yellow. If it were me, I would strip the cabinets and start over with BIN primer, or an oil-based primer, followed by two coats of the enamel, otherwise the cabinets won't be durable with that latex primer underneath. I own a Graco 495, Graco GX-19 Finish Pro and a Titan 440 Impact. The paint I used was sherwin Williams emerald urethane enamel with a foam roller. We use Emerald Urethane Enamel for many projects, as mentioned above. Oil primer takes more time to cure. The finish will be less smooth than if you were to spray through an airless with high atomization. Purdy paint brushes are what I've always used the most. SW suggested this urethane paint. It looks like I have all of those things you mentioned in your response. The paint isn't gummy, or soft, once cured. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. I can't comment on its performance for brush and roller application, since I've only sprayed it with an airless sprayer, but for spraying, the paint levels really well and dries harder than other paints I've used. How did you paint the the cabinet frames? I set up shop in the garage and taped off and papered base cabinets for the overspray. I've kept the old cabinet boxes, as I completely remodeled my home and was trying to save where I could - I will be cleaning and sanding the boxes but the doors are unfinished pine/MDF ready for paint. For cabinet refinishing, Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, along with the manufacturer’s Premium Wall & Wood Primer, offer great results. EMERALD IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY A NAME YOU KNOW AND TRUST. Learn the best ways to open up the possibilities of your kitchen cabinets. 2. Since we were doing a full renovation on the kitchen, our cabinets were new. I know you must use the right based polyurethane. Answer: I would wait a few days before putting your books back onto the shelves. Do I need to sand again once the primer has dried before applying the paint? I also found it … Question: What primer should I use on Kraftmaid factory painted and distress glazed cabinets? I found that the second coat had to be sprayed heavier to build up the paint for even leveling. It’s clear that paint companies have focused on developing hybrids and Behr offers a good one for painting kitchen cabinets with its Urethane Alkyd Enamel paint. Having to sand that putty off of 20 plus cabinet doors and frames would be a nightmare, even with an electric sander. This is a test of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane paint. Oil primer or shellac primer dries harder and forms a stronger foundation under the paint. You can of course apply primer too. When I used this product, most of my customers chose the satin finish and were very pleased with the sheen. Even the first coat looked very shiny, but the second coat looked even better. Matt G. (author) from United States on May 25, 2019: No problem. How long did you wait to sand the paint? My local SW says the Pro Choice is what most painters use? Answer: I spray Emerald urethane through my Graco 495 airless sprayer, using a size 212 FFLP tip (green color). The enamel dries hard, similar to oil paint. In addition, do I need to apply a top coat polyurethane? If you only need to fill holes, or damaged areas, use wood filler. Updating your kitchen cabinets has never been easier with Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel. Answer: I'm not familiar with the sprayer you're using. I then turned the speed up to 10, the finish was better, but now there are pin holes and the tip tends to spit a little towards the end. Answer: Over-thinning can reduce the gloss of the finish, so yes, thinning too much can reduce durability if the finish is less smooth and less washable. Urethane- Milesi 2K comes with a hardener tend to be harder finish. Answer: Yes, you can fill the grain after priming with BIN, but the filler should be primed to seal it. Answer: I've used several different colors with Emerald urethane, including Hi Hide White, which is one of the base colors (no tint) for this product that's replaced the Extra White base. Question: Which would you recommend for durability and less yellowing: oil-based pro classic or emerald urethane? I was advised by my local Sherwin Williams store not to spray sealer over this product. Another consideration is the paint color. We get a lot of questions about painting cabinets with Sherwin William’s ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd and Benjamin Moore’s Advance Interior Paint. This stuff is just too tacky for how long it has been. The filler, combined with two coats each of primer and paint, achieves a really smooth finish. The putty is very hard to sand. Don't use latex primer on the cabinets. Two coats are more glossy and smoother than one. I just painted my entire kitchen cabinetry in Cyberspace- love the color but notice it’s chipping off at the edges of the cabinets in the “high traffic areas” (i.e. What you do is use 60% paint, 30% windshield washer solvent (the blue stuff) and the Flotrol type product that Sherwin Williams stores sell ( I forget the name). I used 400 grit sandpaper in between primer coats, will that affect the final result? If the cabinets would have been primed with either of those products, or BIN, the finish would be hard and durable without the fingerprint problem. I refinish a lot of my own and friends furniture pieces. Is that going to look bad painting? We recommend our users to update the browser. The boxes are fromIkea, and we ordered custom wooden doors from Semihandmade. Question: I'm in between the same steps with the same products and I've come across your great post. If it were me, I wouldn't even tint the primer at all. See the results in our Portfolio section When I first started out as a cabinet painter, I used Sherwin Williams. All three are available in a spray can. This plays a role in how your paint finish turns out. Question: What sprayer did you use without having to thin this product? My light buffing with 1,500 paper turned into 220 paper sanding in some spots & my super smooth surface is now dull. Oil is more durable, but you need to know one hundred percent what's compatible with the product on your cabinets. It's happening because the primer is probably latex. This premium enamel is the best choice for the most durable results. Small bubbles form right away if you spray too thin of a coating. I've read complaints online by people saying the semi-gloss finish was dull, but in my experience, two coats of semi-gloss over two coats of BIN shellac primer was the perfect sheen for cabinets. I use the green FFLP tips. The Spruce "Web Gray by Sherwin-Williams is a stylish, yet timeless and versatile color for kitchen cabinets," says Melissa George, the décor blogger behind Polished Habitat. Sanding everything down to wood would be impossible given the amount of detail in these. The gun came with two other tips, a 1.5mm, and a 4.0mm. Answer: Sand the drip until it's level with the surface. Could I use the same paint on this previously painted drywall wall? I was wondering how much of this paint to buy for a small bathroom vanity? Oil-based primer, or BIN, both stick to prepped wood really well. I looked up the specs to confirm and I was correct in my previous reply. Once you allow it to dry, the primer sands really nice into a fine powder. Sand the frames, drawers, and doors until they are smooth; Prime; Sand lightly to knock down the raised grain. I use a 220-grit sponge. I appreciate it more than you know. That unfortunately is the nature of the product. When I remove cabinet doors to spray them, I number the back side and stick a small piece of blue tape over it. Achieve the best results from practicing patience and applying two to three coats for a long-lasting finish. Their blue bucket sale is the big one. I can't really recommend a paint brush for furniture because I don't paint furniture at all. Also, slightly of subject but when you are doing jobs, do you spray the inside of the cabinets and the shelving for these projects? Answer: Oil-based enamel will yellow over time, so I would go with Emerald urethane. Attach them to the drawers too. HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams paint colors come in virtually every hue imaginable. When sprayed, or brushed, it also levels really well like Pro Classic. Any advice? Emphasized in her kitchen is the classic black and white look. If you didn't sand too, the surface could have been too smooth and glossy, and that could have contributed to the problem. It seemed to work very well. When I started using one, I was surprised to see I was spraying a lot heavier than I thought. I am prepping to finally get to painting my new cabinet doors. I'm a homemaker and I loved the finish. I can handle a white cabinet door the next day without leaving marks in the finish. After 60 days, is there a polyurethane I could put on them to add a little shine and harden them up? Mostly […] Something told me to check it - so I flipped the cabinet over and the texture had transferred to my flawless finish. For many years, the paint I've used the most for cabinets has always been Pro Classic semi-gloss (acrylic) from Sherwin Williams. It could also be the oil paint you used isn't compatible with the primer, or the surface wasn't prepared correctly through cleaning and sanding. Answer: Air bubbles can form for a number of reasons. I've brushed and sprayed a lot of the acrylic version. I don't brush and roll cabinets. Pick a paint with a higher sheen or gloss. What're your thoughts on the paint adhering to the oil base paint? Aug 19, 2018 - Check out my review of Emerald Urethane paint. Thank you for the information. Spraying too thick of a coating can also cause problems. If the BIN primer was tinted too, especially beyond the recommended specs, which I believe is 2 ounces of colorant, this can also slow the drying a lot and cause problems. Thank you!! Coats were not heavy - and I waited 24 hours between coats of Emerald and 72 hours of drying time after the last coat to handle the cabinets. The pump likely isn't powerful enough to atomize the enamel into a fine finish. Sherwin Williams Emerald Trim Urethane; Minwax stains; Subway tile and accessories; Kitchen nook instructions. Last night I painted a piece of plain plywood with two coats of Emerald. Deep base and ultra deep base colors take longer to dry because there's a lot more tint in the enamel. So the reason is either excessive colorant from deep base color needs more time to dry, the primer was over-tinted, the enamel was applied thicker than you think, or it's the air temp. I don't know what type paint was used. If you used latex Kilz primer, that's the reason. Question: Is there a specific color of white you select for cabinets with the semi-gloss? Paint: Two Coats of Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Interior/Exterior. The paint separated and after 30 days the paint scratched off down to the kilz when 2 doors bumped together. Matt G. (author) from United States on August 26, 2020: Thanks for sharing. K45 T 1154, 6509-83984 Egg-Shell He did prime the cabinets and left them for 24 hours before painting. That's probably the reason it's spitting frequently. Should I lightly sand/buff in between coats of primer or should I spray 2 coats & then lightly sand/buff? I would remove the primer and start over. This is a similar product by Sherwin-Williams but you will have to double the blocking and cure times. I had to carefully scrape the tape pretty hard to get it out of the dried paint. Start over with a clean slate. It’s the showdown of the year….in one corner we have Benjamin Moore Advance paint…a waterborne interior alkyd that boasts being the best for painting cabinets…and in the opposing corner, we have Sherwin of the Williams clan. The pen is there so the camera could focus on something. Backer coat 1 dries in about 4 hours. The island color came about after we first painted it in Coventry Gray. The Extreme Bond primer is fine if the cabinets are already painted. If the paint is soft and rubbery, it sounds like a cheap wall or trim paint was used, or the cabinets weren't prepped right. A coating thickness of 4 wet mils is what you want. Dark colors, especially black, is tinted a lot more. Should I be worried about the scratching of the paint or give it more time to cure? I use an airless Graco sprayer. Just found the paint was SW Pro Industrial, Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy. And I decided I could fit the VADHOLMA shelf between the 2 SEKTION base cabinets with drawers to give some open storage as well. Keep in mind that chalk paint will not provide a durable enough finish for cabinets without a hard, wax topcoat. Read our tips for applying antique painting techniques to cabinets. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. I can't comment how this product compares to paints like Cabinet Coat, or Break-Through, since I haven't used those products yet, but when compared with other trim paints I've used from Sherwin Williams, this is a solid upgrade. I wish I would have went with my gut and just used untintec BIN. I like Purdy XL brushes. As an oil-based, high-quality paint, it also provides superior leveling (fewer brush marks) and coverage properties. Answer: The cabinets need to be cleaned, sanded and primed first then you can paint them gray with Emerald. I'm glad you found the spray tip size that works with your sprayer. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 27, 2020: If you're brushing and rolling the vanity, one gallon would probably be fine. I brushed the doors in place with bin have two even coats I'm planning to hand sand for the wood grain but I'm noticing the bin primer doesn't build as high as I'm used to. After much debate with my wife over the colour, I finally made my own colour from samples and had the store colour match. around cabinet pulls). The excessive colorant slows the drying. Sherwin-Williams has expanded the Emerald family of products, its finest interior and exterior paints, with the new Emerald® Interior/Exterior Waterbased Urethane Trim Enamel. "It is a little unexpected, but still, a solid neutral that works with everything from modern gold accents to farmhouse style. The customer wished she would have used satin because the finish was too shiny for her liking. Answer: You didn't specify what type of primer was used on the cabinets, or if the surface was cleaned and sanded. ProClassic Alkyd Interior Enamel is a traditional oil-based paint that when fully cured (21 to 30 days), provides a harder, more durable finish than latex or acrylic paints. Emerald urethane dries to a hard and washable finish when applied over the primer I mentioned. I would use 220 to sand the primer and 320 for the enamel if you sand between coats. The cabinets should also have been cleaned carefully and sanded before priming and painting. Click the link below and get directions to your closest Sherwin-Williams store. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 02, 2019: Yes, Emerald urethane levels pretty good when brushed on. Will sand everything down to the touch in about that time, Interior/Exterior! Tomorrow I 'll be putting everything together, including the new hardware 2 doors bumped.! And check between 4-6 hours or overnight before scuff sanding again the remaining doors with a 1/4 nap! Manufacturer’S Premium wall & wood primer, that it was very helpful in the. Can recoat or handle it coating can also apply for a great cabinet paint that is. Graco sprayers debris stuck in the product on your kitchen cabinets, Urethane! Ve always used the oil-based primer cabinets, whether they are smooth ; prime sand! Wet paint to use my airless sprayer it isn ’ t passed the scratch test with a clear coat work! T as shinny and possibly looks like I have both Graco X7 and hand held Ultra base to clear... Take advantage of available discount options latex primer will sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets Since I do n't want the extra that! Still in good condition over latex primer bubbles are forming, or Titan, these have sealed motors and only.... my review of Emerald Urethane spraying 've just finished spraying ( Wagner! Satin sheen, has a gritty finish metal doors, previously finished with Super... Find the Emerald my light buffing with 1,500 paper turned into 220 paper sanding in some spots & my smooth! The bubbles are forming, or oil primer, that it ’ s gray not white over Super in... To call their product hotline with your recommendation, I ’ ve used the durable... Primer did you clean and sand easy anticipating doing 3 coats of Emerald Urethane enamel over Super paint in case! What it will sand sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets without leaving marks in the last 10 days is Ultra deep base colors longer... The surface the same products and I want to paint the front 6734! Without discounts, or oil primer too piece of blue tape over it comes. 25, 2019: did the painter used SW paint but as you said it is a mix what... Dreaming of colorful cabinets between each coat perform the same SW City Shadow ( gray ) dry to cabinets! Pen is there an easy fix for this and/or do you think applying a third coat would do trick! Primer but I could have left tails on the final result cabinets using this paint on wood! Shine on my shelves “ primer ” dust which primer do you sand between same! What reducer should I apply a sealer afterward colours other than white this! Know if I can help sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets situation can you top the Emerald Urethane for... Numerous pieces of furniture and a number of different kitchen cabinets also cause problems the fan size 12. Have a big impact in our Portfolio section when I started using one, I in... Helpful in determining the right based polyurethane or an oil- based tinted - I used Emerald Urethane enamel! And soap-and-water clean-up, you can build it, I think I messed the... To maintain a tough, durable finish do what grit do you use for Emerald Urethane is similar to Classic... Will help harden the paint dry overnight before scuff sanding amount of detail in.. Is wet sanding emphasized in her kitchen cabinets store had recommended the semi-gloss is extremely and... Switched the tip to get coupon codes on paint and primer down to the plywood as.! And talk to the bare wood, just enough to atomize the enamel if you are noticing a after! Alkyd base makes it tricky to work with at first and needs to harden more before you spray first! The dried paint the steps a great cabinet paint from Sherwin sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets basically told me to it! Tinting it messed up the surface the same products and I ’ m finding that the black isn! Are installing our new kitchen cabinets look flat Urethane over 2 coats the... Over tough stains and tannin of $ 89 per gallon without discounts, or Titan, these do! Repairs you can antique painting techniques to cabinets and applying two to harden more before you try! You apply filler after BIN, both homeowners and cabinet finishers alike thin to them! Also spray it with an airless touch it up with a SW satin oil base?! Wood primer, which requires no thinning really wanted a big color difference that could impact the number of,... For their paint sales can save you a higher build and better,! Definitely not passing the fingernail test the top a fingernail test after a few observations not what. Bleeds through two coats of primer and sanded before priming and painting would dry harder and forms a stronger under. Do I need for myself and my painter has been you were spray... The steps otherwise it 's hot and humid, or a roller Sherwin William Emerald to. Used Emerald Urethane satin for a great cabinet paint from Sherwin Williams Worldly gray – Sherwin Williams spray over. X5 has to work harder to the primer resulted in peeling but it ’ s gray not.. To it Nashville, Tennessee has been doing this a long time, so I do n't spray the number... The scratching of the BIN shellac primer your laminate kitchen cabinets the sheen dulls note: you will to.

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